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Updated 30.05.2020

FIFA 19 is one of the most played and sold simulation games in the world where you can play the football campaign or online. You can control the players and their strategies in real time. This simulation game is playable on PlayStation 3, Play Station4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and MicroSoft Windows
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In September 2018 the delivery of the already traditional Fifa game was launched onto the market, which every year promises to reinvent itself but this time brings an ace to prove it, the brand new new license for the UEFA Champions League!

The question is whether the maximum club championship in the world represents the only novelty we can expect in this edition of the famous soccer game.

Like all editions of the modern era of FIFA 19 it tries to offer the ultimate licensed video game football experience with something for every type of fan. In this edition everything revolves around the Champions, a tournament that gives the game an authentic moose, starting with the journey that this year returns with a new structure of 3 narrative arcs that you can alternate at any time.

They introduced an element of progression parallel to the global assessment of each protagonist that motivates you to understand yourself with a specific partner or mentor of your team, which leads to a challenge and the option of winning a special park, none of that is revolutionary but gives the feeling that this project is different from the previous year.

Jorney continues to fulfill his mission to offer a real alternative to career and ultimate modes. Naturally, the Champions League and the Europa League also season the career mode as technical director and he adds a hairline to the cinematic dose incorporating elaborate transitions to illustrate the most outstanding events of the season's process such as signings or draws and there are even new introductions of matches for relevant players, this idea gives much more, but it does not go unnoticed and the career mode as a player also introduces some new cinematic cuts although when you change teams you only see a sad signed sheet.

As Technical Director another novelty is being able to choose the ultimate difficulty that was previously only available in fifa ultimate team, as well as customize the quick tactics that you access. In the strategic menu you can configure in detail how these tactical unemployed look and if you spend time you will clearly notice the impact on the process of the games, this together with the roles per player and the pre-programmed changes make the balance between arcade and simulation be a little more balanced.

The most fun and important change the FIFA 19 Game brings is the one they made to the friendly match mode or kickoff. Initial kick is now a dynamic alternative and you can link each command with a specific identifier, name or even game attack but the important thing is that the game will keep track of the statistics of the matches that are played. Something very interesting is the fact that you can play friendly matches with imaginative and truly fun rules. You can play friendly matches by setting the specific score for or against in case you play with your little sister with special rules, so there are no cards, etc.

In this edition of Fifa 19 ultimate team you received minor but substantial news, among which are the option to open packages where you can only keep one item of all that it contains, as well as a new form of competition by divisions that as far as we could experience It dilutes a little of that frustration for playing with much better teams than yours, obviously there are fewer icons as elements of the Champions league.

The first thing you will notice when downloading Fifa 19 and start playing is that it feels even more leisurely than before, fortunately it is responsive and the animation work as well as the simulation of movements in real time is becoming more refined. If you visualize a movement in your mind you can probably in the game quickly and intuitively, it is few words, fifa 19 is a game of more contact, which is good for an experience that had been privileging the attack for several years and leaving the defenders with few tools, shoulder shocks that past deliveries lasted a fraction of a second in the new version become tangible struggles with the control where positioning properly and pressing the left trigger at the exact moment are indispensable actions in the dispute of the ball.

In the end, the sensation is more that of a game that enjoys more clashes and friction between the players but also that of a dynamic where the forwards do not feel so unattainable or invulnerable.

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Price: Free
Category : Sports
Developer : Electronic Arts
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About ..

The story-based mode that was introduced in FIFA 17 returns in this installment and continues for the last installment under the title "The Journey: Champions".

In this installment, Alex Hunter signs for Real Madrid and tries to become their star player after Cristiano Ronaldo leaves for Italian giants Juventus.

As FIFA 19 has the full Champions League licence, Hunter also competes for Champions League glory.

Danny Williams returns trying to carve out a name for himself and compete for the Champions League hardware.

Alex Hunter's half-sister, Kim Hunter, tries to compete for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

The game mode features guest stars such as Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar Jr, Paulo Dybala, and Alex Morgan. Gareth Walker and Dino, who previously appeared in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18, don't appear in the storyline for unknown reasons, though Walker does send the characters a few abusive tweets during the story.

The game also introduces other fictional new characters whose names include Beatriz "Bea" Villanova, who is Alex Hunter's new agent, Danny Williams' estranged brother and Paris Saint-Germain F.C. defender Terry, USWNT coach Marriane de Silva, Real Madrid C.F. coach Bartholomew Cazares, Danny Williams friend Ringo, and Melanie Trembley, a player of the Canada women's national soccer team who serves as Kim Hunter's rival in her story .

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

-Timed finishing. ...
-Don't mash the shoot button near the goal. ...
-Driven cross. ...
-Don't neglect Quick Tactics. ...
-Tap shooting. ...
-Master the first touch and volley move. ...
-In career mode, play your youngsters. ...
-Use L2/LT to keep first touches close.

-Great on-the-field action.

-Emotional moments in story.

-Dynamic tactics make this a more measured game of FIFA.

-Presentation overall is excellent, with the Champions League license rounding off the package well.
-New gameplay changes aren't successful.

-No casual online experience for FUT players.

-Career Mode and Pro Clubs are in desperate need of an overhaul.

- Characters make unnatural movements for cuts in connection.

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