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Updated 30.05.2020

Hangouts is one of the most used messaging services worldwide that bears the unmistakable stamp of Google
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The messaging applications have changed everyone's life forever. Since the arrival of WhatsApp or Telegram to our lives, everything has taken a considerable turn. In addition to these two great giants there are also other applications of this type, increasingly popular, and among which for example we are Google Hangouts.

This messaging application allows us to send text messages to our contacts, talk to them by video call and even carry out group conversations. Its use is not as widespread as that of WhatsApp or Telegram, but in the business world it has a great weight thanks to the enormous functionalities that it offers us and the compatibility with other Google products.

Like many others, your download is completely free and you can download both from Google Play for Android devices, and for iOS devices from the App Store. Among its benefits include compatibility and synchronization with all types of devices. It also offers a web version to which without any doubt, any user who spends many hours in front of his computer can get a great game.

Google has insisted in recent times in decoupling Hangouts from other products, especially to gain presence in a really complicated market and where there are hundreds of competitors of all kinds.

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Price: Free
Category : Messenger service
Developer : Google
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Hangouts stands out above other services of this type for some very marked features. Below we give you a summary of some of the most important that we can find in this Google application;

Ability to connect your Google Voice account to have service calls, SMS and even voicemail Create group chats with up to 150 contacts Possibility of sending text messages, photographs, videos, emojis and many more things that will delight any user Synchronization on iOS and Android devices, so you can start a conversation on a device and finish it where you decide. Possibility to send messages to your contacts even if they are not connected at that moment Call any telephone number in the world, free of charge, as long as the other user has downloaded the application on any of their devices.

It is possible to convert any conversation into a video call for free, and may include a total of 10 contacts. Although it had its peak some time ago, Hangouts has known to withstand the passage of time and consolidate as one of the most used instant messaging applications globally, although yes, probably to a greater degree as we said earlier in the business world. Have you ever tried Hangouts on your mobile device, tablet or even on your computer?

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Sync Hangouts with your email
- Hide confidential content
- Add SMS capabilities
- Change who can contact you
- Silence notifications
- Configure the widget
- Send messages to your circles

- The biggest advantage is that it is possible to make video calls of up to 10 people at the same time. Compared to other companies, this is incomparable.
- It is possible to use Hangouts on computers, in addition to cell phones. But for example WhatsApp does not allow you to connect from a computer.
- It is possible to share your current location.
- It has a series of emoticons and GIF animations to share with your friends.
-It is possible to send voice messages, compared to Telegram, for example.
- Like the instant messaging services that are safe, the conversations are stored in the cloud, ie the Internet, and we can access them if we lose our cell phone, or if we lose our mobile data.
- You may have a harder time accessing the market because Hangouts had its beginnings in 2013.
- It is not possible to place your profile as Invisible, compared to Google Talk.
- It is only for Android devices and also with iOS. For example, WhatsApp is in many operating systems. The fact that the Hangouts system is based on a closed system, can play against, due to the low ease of expansion.
- You can not send multimedia files at the moment, and this plays very against you, because Telegram, to give an example, allows you to send files of up to 1GB.
- It is not possible to know if the message was received by the recipient, or if it even came from our cell phone, in comparison with the other more well-known services.

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