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Updated 30.05.2020

Likee is one of the number 1 applications in downloads from Google Play Store which has a number of effects, music and videos. It is very easy to make videos, fast and can also be made live!
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Likee is an application very similar to TikTok for those people who use it today, you can upload videos, make live, you can share images, discover landscapes. The Android application is downloaded from the Play Store, it asks you to create an account with a username and password and then log in to be able to see the home part where the people are and everyone who has uploaded their video.

To be able to add friends in this social network you go to the icon of a person at the top you can edit your profile and do it, you can follow them or add them, it also suggests friends who have Facebook. To upload videos you must click on the camera icon that appears and click on upload.
To make a live video you must meet certain requirements such as being 16 years old, having created 5 or more original short videos, not having committed infractions in the last 30 days, having at least 1000 fans or more (reaching level 20) met all This you can already do your transmission.
It shows you how many people you are following, who are following you and the level your account has, they give you bonuses to level up and it depends on the interaction your videos have. To level up you must watch videos, send and receive gifts, increase your fans, publish videos, open likes every day. This is how this app is used.
One of the interesting things that can be done is Videos in Like with your photos for this you must enter the application and click on the camera that appears, next to the record button is the option videos with photos; To do this you must choose from your gallery some photos you have, click on the following, you can also choose the musical background you want for your video, you can place a short description about your new video, you can use Hashtag too, you have the option to choose who you will see and then click on send the video that will make it load on your profile and you can see the video
Likee's effects are the most famous and crowded. You can change the background colors, you can also use fashionable hashtags or change the tone of your voice. You can find different fun dances or also record yourself live and do them yourself.
Encourage to try this new application that is the latest fashion!

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Price: Free
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About ..

- It is good for short videos

- Source of valuable information

- You can share your creations on Whatsapp
- Unrealistic expectations about lifestyles

- External validation of the personal image

- Lots of publicity

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