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Updated 30.05.2020

Microsoft Word is a computer program intended for word processing. It was created by the Microsoft company and comes pre-integrated into the office package called Microsoft Office
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Microsoft Word is a computer program intended for word processing. It was created by the Microsoft company and comes pre-integrated in the office package called Microsoft Office.

It was originally developed by Richard Brodie for the IBM computer under the DOS operating system in 1983. Later versions have been programmed for many other platforms, including IBM computers running on the MS-DOS system (1983). It is a component of the office package, Microsoft Office; It is also sold separately and is included in the Microsoft Works package.

Its latest version is Microsoft Word 2019 for Windows and Mac. So far, 2019 is the most popular word processor in the world.

The first version of Microsoft Word was developed by Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie, two Xerox programmers hired in 1981 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. These programmers had worked on Xerox Bravo, which was the first word processor developed under the WYSIWYG technique ("What you see is what you get"); that is, the user could see in advance, on the screen, the final format that would appear in the form of the document. This first release, Word 1.0, was launched in October 1983 for the Xenix MS-DOS platform; In principle, it was rudimentary and was followed by four other very similar versions that had almost no impact on sales for end users.
The first version of Word for Windows came in 1989, which, while in a graphical environment was quite easy to operate, also allowed sales to increase significantly. When Windows 3.0 was launched in 1990, the takeoff occurred. Word 1.0 was preceded by Word 2.0 in 1991, Word 6.0 in 1993.

The subsequent jump in the version numbers was introduced to match the numbering of the Windows versions, such as Word 95 and Word 97. With the release of Windows 2000 (1999), the homologous version of Word also appeared. The Word 2002 version appeared at the same time as the Microsoft Office XP package in 2001. One year later, the Microsoft Word 2003 version followed.

Later, Microsoft Word 2007 was presented along with the other programs of the 2007 Office suite. In this version, Microsoft established a new change in the history of office programs that presents the new tape interface easier and more intuitive than before (although very criticized). by users accustomed to the previous versions). The latest version launched on the market is Microsoft Word 2016, in the same year that the Microsoft Windows 10 system was launched.

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