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Updated 30.05.2020

Find the series and movies that everyone talks about with the best quality on Netflix! This service is revolutionizing the way we watch our favorite shows, series or movies at a very affordable price that is worth considering
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Category : series and movies
Developer : Netflix, Inc.
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It's already history to have to go to the nearest place to rent a movie. Netflix allows access to a catalog of audiovisual content without moving and thanks to its mobile application you can consume its content from anywhere.

Netflix It is a streaming service that allows you to watch a great variety of series, documentaries and movies on any device with internet access such as cell phones, computers, tablets or 'smart tv' by paying a fixed monthly fee.

To start using it, you must open an account on Netflix. With the registration, the user has a free trial month, although it is necessary to link the credit card number to the account. You will only be charged the amount of subscription to the card if before the month you have not entered the page to cancel it.

Membership is a month-to-month subscription with no contracts or cancellation fees, which offers the possibility of canceling the service at any time online. The minimum is a month that starts counting from the moment the account is activated.

The price of Netflix in its most basic rate is € 7.99 / month and you will not have any type of commitment to stay.

Being a streaming platform, to hire Netflix it is necessary to have Internet at home.

With the same username and password you can use the service on up to 5 devices simultaneously: a computer, a cell phone, a tablet or a TV, so you can share the account with your whole family and it will not involve additional costs.

By downloading Netflix once inside the interface we can see that we have a huge catalog of movies and series just a click away, the truth is that it loads very fast and that makes it very interesting. Every time we stop in front of a movie with the mouse, it tells us what it is about, the title and also gives us the rating of other Netflix users, which is good to know a little what other netflix users think of the movie.

If we slide down, it shows us different categories, popular, new releases, comedies, TV shows and series, documentaries, crazy comedies, it is an immense catalog. A tip, once we are using it and we enter several times we will see that it always teaches us the same, so many times it is convenient to search from the magnifying glass that is the search what you are interested in seeing because there is much more than what seems .

It is interesting to note that the releases are not immediate, they are not the most recent titles, but they are of high quality. We can say that the films may be approximately two years old. The loading of the films is very fast and gives us a choice if we want to see with different audios or subtitles.

The Netflix catalog is not the same in all countries so to see other catalogs from other countries because there are movies that appear in that version and not in yours, it will be necessary to download a parallel program so that the platform allows you to change the country . We can customize our tastes on Netflix so that each time you access the application the catalog that appears to you is more in line with you.

We recommend that you install an extension for your chrome browser called netflix trailer button in the play store, what it does is add a little button under each of the movies that if we click on it we can see the trailer for the movie, it is truly appreciate that there is such an extension, it really is very useful.

If you are watching a series without having to do anything, go to the next chapter at the end of the one you are watching or if you leave a movie in the middle when you want to resume it, you can start watching exactly from the same second where you left off. All these things make Netflix Download very interesting, although we all know that it is not the only service, there are many others that are paid as well as free but with low download reliability.

I hope that with this you have learned a little more about what's new for series and movies. Enjoy the benefits of this magnificent tool now!

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Price: Free
Category : series and movies
Developer : Netflix, Inc.
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About ..

Netflix has 3 subscription plans that adapt to your needs. The plan you choose will determine how many people can watch Netflix content streaming at the same time and whether you can watch it in standard definition (SD), in high definition (HD) or in ultra high definition (UHD).

The more content you see, the more precise the recommendations that Netflix will make of series and movies that you will love.

You can play, pause and resume viewing, all without ads or commitments.

In addition, you can download your favorite series on your iOS or Android mobile device, or Windows 10 application. With downloads, you can see your favorite content wherever you go and when you do not have an Internet connection.

If you enter from a tablet or cell phone to the Netflix page, it will automatically take you to the mobile application designed specifically for your Apple, Android or Windows device.

If you access from a smart TV, it is possible that the application is pre-installed, so you only have to enter your username and password there. Otherwise you must go to the Internet or SmartTV menu and from there download the Netflix application.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- You can delete series and movies from the list of Views
- Save data by changing the streaming quality
- Disable automatic chapter playback
- Download movies and series to watch offline
- Parental control
- Customize the subtitles

- Simple and easy to use

- No ads

- Original program

- You can download the content and see it offline

-Different membership plans

- It's affordable

- Fantastic experience
- New content is not immediately available

- Outdated library

- Each region has a different content offer.

- Many series have only a few seasons and are not complete.

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