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Updated 26.01.2020

This is an application dedicated to the famous Brazilian player Neymar Jr. an application that can download images of free players and use them as a backdrop for our technological devices or as a profile image of some social network
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Neymar joins the local football team: from an early age he demonstrated his skills and, at the age of fifteen, having completed an internship in Spain with Real Madrid, he won 10,000 Real per month.

He joined Santos' first team at the age of seventeen, making his league debut on 7 March 2009; Already in his second game, he connects, scoring against Mogi Mirim.

In the same year, he participated, in the Brazilian shirt, of the Under-17 World Cup, debuting against Japan and soaking his debut with a net.
In 2010, he won the Brazilian Cup with Santos, defeating Vitária in the final, and the Paulista Championship: Neymar is the top scorer in the competition, with 11 goals, and is the best player of the event.

He is then one of the protagonists of the South Americans under the age of 20, scoring four goals against Paraguay and also entering his name in the list of goalscorers against Colombia, Chile and Uruguay, contributing to the achievement of the final title: he is the top scorer El más prolific of the tournament with nine goals.

After competing for the Copa America with the Brazil shirt, in 2011 he participated in the Club World Cup: he scored the semi-final goal 1-0 against Kashiwa Reysol, although Santos lost in the final against Barcelona. Therefore, 2011 ends with 24 goals and 47 appearances: in the championship, Neymar is the player who suffered the most fouls.

Neymar, when he plays the 2014 World Cup in his own Brazil, already in the first round against Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon, shows with his spectacular move, to the point that bookmakers consider him the favorite to win The Gunner title. world championships. Unfortunately, his world championship ends in the quarter-finals when a blow to the back gives him a fractured vertebra and a month's arrest.
In 2015, he won the Champions League wi
th Barcelona, playing and scoring in the final against Juventus. In the summer of 2017, he announced his move to PSG for 500 million euros.
Listen in Ligue 1 on August 13 against Guingamp, passing the second in the 3-0 final. On 20 August, in a match against Tolosa (he finished 6-2 by a pair), the acronym is his first word with PSG. On 13 September it was the same with New Zealand in the Champions League, receiving the goal 5-0 inflated by Celtic balls. Complete the gironi phase of the mass of continental competition with 6 goals and 4 assists.
17 years of 2018 score 4 goals in Ligue 1 in Digione, with a score of 8-0 for the players. On 25 February, in the claw of the Marsiglia control field, they broke a fracture in the fifth metatarsal of the foot to destroy the path to the parade. An excellent collection of stages comprises 30 performances and 28 goals in all competitions, linking Ligue 1, Coppa di Francia and Coppa di Lega Francese.

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- Simple and awesome. Just add more features though

- Best and NEYMAR is always the best my roll model my hero he is in my heart I love him

- Excellent wallpapers of Neymar

- Simple and amazing, just add more features
- Very bad, it has no good photo of Neymar

- There is a reason to be 3.2 MB

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