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ROBLOX is one of the fashion games, where the limits of the brands there is an imagination to build everything that has dreamed
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Developer : Roblox Corporation
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ROBOX is one of those games that reach both the App Store and Google Play with the idea of ​​becoming great successes, that at a cost of players and that are a real money machine. Few get it, but without a doubt, the game that we present today, we have achieved it with great skill. And is that only in the number of players, have reached 48 million active users, something within the reach of very few.

Dubbed the platform of the imagination by its developers, in ROBLOX, we can build everything we imagine. From a large mansion, going through a Formula 1 circuit and up to an amusement park. Everyone can build and manage it as they want, alone or in the company of their friends.

Any construction created by user, can be enjoyed not only by the user, but by anyone who wants to turn around. Besides the great advantages of ROBLOX is that we can try any of these constructions, so each world created by a user without an adventure for others. For example, if you throw yourself to build a giant skyscraper, any user who visits you can enjoy the opportunity to enjoy pleasant views from above. If you decide to make a circuit of car racing, you may have time to get behind the wheel of a powerful car to take a spin at full speed.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Roblox Corporation
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About ..

'Robux' is the name of the virtual currency that is used within the game, and that is one of the main characters, as it happens in other similar games. Although the game is completely free download, within it we can make purchases of accessories, upgrades or avatars, thanks to this virtual currency, to move forward in the game and not have to stand while we wait.

This of course implies that we must be very careful when playing, especially if we are going to let the little ones of the house play with our mobile device or tablet. It is one of the negative aspects of this game, and so many others, which also encourages almost continuously to buy virtual coins to improve in the game, being able to do it in a more or less simple. The more than 48 million active players today, give a leap in quality to this game, as it will allow us to always interact with people, our country and others, and play together.

Also, thanks to the game chat we can enjoy a unique experience, not only to build everything we want, but to enjoy with people like us. Without a doubt, if you like the construction and games where the imagination has no limit, you should download ROBLOX right now, and start enjoying. Yes, be very careful, it is very addictive, and in a short time you will not be able to stop building and dreaming of new challenges.

Ready to start enjoying ROBLOX?

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'Enjoy the power of imagination and build each and every one of the things that come into your head'

- 'Everything you can think of can be built. If you are going to play ROBLOX, keep it in mind.

- 'It's a game that does not take up too much space, or requires too many resources from your mobile device or tablet so you can play with almost any device'

- 'It's a really simple game that everyone can enjoy without encountering too many complications'

- 'It's completely free download'

- 'There is no end, no limit, since imagination will be our only limit'
- 'Integrated purchases are a big hassle, especially if you are going to let ROBLOX play on your mobile device or tablet'

- 'The lack of concrete objectives can make you fall into boredom with the passage of time'

- 'Sometimes and if you do not have a smartphone or tablet of last generation you can notice something of slowness'

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